What is your fav looking torso in the game?


It can be from any rarity and from any class, this is just a little fun forum activity, so have fun :smile:


Mine is the Commen Tyhoon torso, it looks really cute and cool


sigh… sorry mate but I beat ya to it…


sorry then, all credit goes to you :smiley:


avenger torso … it’s looks very good


If you’ve known me for long enough,you should also know it from my first profile picture.
Hands off Naga.


My fav torso is Spider OFC


Windigo with dual spartan looks like damn Mickey Mouse… Cant be unseen. Lolz everytime.


legacy lavascope.

gone but not forgotten, old friend.



Maxed black lava scope (obscured by weapons though)0fa3cd119d7c839513b4b396f95e05682810fc04_1_690x425


Zarkares Of course , It looks amazing


Roman and Spider from the old beta days are the best looking torsos ever , original torsos with no reused sprites