What is this person talking about?

The usual stupid conversations. Who cares tbh?

I do cause he/she has been going on at this for a couple hour’s or so

Stuff, Really weird, Random and sometimes depressing stuff, Muting Anas would just make it 125% Easier

I did that but when I came back to the chat again he/she was unmuted and I have feeling there going to be here for a few more hour’s

If you refreshed, Closed the window, Went to campaign then all of your mutes gets reset so you gotta mute 'em again

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Or you could just leave the chat and farm in campaign till they leave :3 but muteing work’s to.

Welp now that that’s over how’s everyone’s morning/night/afternoon depending on where you live :3?

Doing good! btw this is going to get off topic and possibly Flagged to be hidden but, Yeah… Anyways And how are you?

this topic is now Dead :3

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I don’t get it. What am I even supposed to be looking at here?

It was presented as if it was going to be some crazy chat log but nothing bazarre, obscene, offensive or of any interest at all really was said by anyone.

I litterally don’t even know who you’re referencing as the crazy one here. I’m at a loss. Why did you make this thread?

It’s an global chat.
Leave them alone and let them do their thing.