What is this? (15 ch)


A green thing on bottom right of screen…


Could be the little area for the free card u can get from ads (like the coding glitching out a bit). Idk tbh

Could be aliens taking over ur shit for all I know.


its just another one of those tiny bugs


It’s an ad but it never fully loaded when the page loaded if you reload the page an ad should appear the same size as that green square.


i reloaded and it was still there, no ad, still stays in the game area…


willybobhero do not go into the green square!


why not??? (20charecters)


Clear your cookies and make sure you eat every last one, and restart your computer or maybe put it to sleep it might be tired. No, but seriously maybe try clearing your cache and restart your computer that might remove the green square.


You’ll never be seen or heard from again, unless the evil green square entity lets you real close to the edge of the square allowing you to see your old life… :stuck_out_tongue: