What is the smart way of doing things!


So you want to complete this task

It’s a long Achievement. What is the right way of doing it?
You have four of the same items:

How do you boost the item the right way? Is it:

A. Boost all four Items at once

B. Boost two at a time

Lets see your response. I will post the answer later on.


U should send me some tokens.


Also i dont understand what that task wants me to do. The wording is too vauge. I thought it meant do the action of boosting an item (any item) 500 times. :confused:


lol… Well guess this will not get answered. Well, we will see what happens. The wording is clear. I read it through. You might not get it.


Dude there are like 3 ways to interpret it.
For now ive thought it was boost 1 item 500 times. (The same item 500 times)


Anyway to answer ur question wouldnt it be choice B?
I still dont really understand tho, in the task it doesnt say “fuse an item with itself x amount of times” :confused:
Im so lost lol


My bad…

Yep, The answer is B.

Fusing two of the same item at a time is better. If you have four of the same item and choose to fuse all four at the same time, It will only be fused 2 times. Yet if you fuse two at a time of the same four it be 3 fuses. Example: You have four of the came item. A1, A2, A3, A4. All the same level. Fuse A1 and A2, then A3 and A4. They both be in lvl 2. Then fuse A12 and A34.


But why do u have to fuse the item with another copy of itself? The tasks says nothing about that so im guessing any item used would count.
Maybe u can explain how it works? :frowning:


It’s better that way. Your Boost, not fusing. If two different items have different power you be loosing the weapons. Say the power starts at 80/160 on one weapon and a different on another at 150/300. It wouldn’t make sense to boost them together. In order to upgrade those two, you have to upgrade the one with 80/160. If that don’t help, then will explain latter with pics.


Now i get it lol. So u mean u have to level up the weapon not just “boost it”.


Yep, that’s how to do it.


Im so dumb lmfaooooooooooooo.