What is the new drone?


So, i saw the thing about increased chance to get a repulser from premium boxes. But when you click on the boxes, it says there is an increased chance to drop new drone. Which drone is that? And can i get maxed stats? Or is that a typo and is meant to say new weapon (the repulser)?


i guess they just forgot switch the word “Drone” to “Weapon” or just “Item”



you mean this?


Is this a drone???


No, that’s a side weapon.


it’s the same gun yesterday modified but you only get it in the premium chest .-.


it is not a module or anything is the weapon of yesterday only that they put the image


I already have eight


What I do know is that your mech scares me and that I want your torso wendigo because I do not have it


show me your mech picture


This is my mech I put this image because it’s what I’m grabbing right now and I do not want to lose gas when I finish I put the one in the workshop



you need more HP, better change to physical mech, because physical mech is the strongest. 1 annihation, 2 nightfall, 1 night eagle, torso , leg and drone you chose.


is what I want to do but I need a wendigo torso because I have iron boots in epic


you can use brutaily


Excuse me gentlelads, but arent we going a bit off-topic?


I’m sorry but it became interesting what we talked about and well what happens in the forum remains in the forum:v


and I do not have the brutality


nightmare are ok…