What is the most useless mythical of all times? Share your ideas!


Hi Pilots!
Every time I get some tokens to buy new myth boxes, I keep my fingers crossed for some OP cool stuff. Like Steel Barricade. If you analyze all builds, nothing is more important than these legs. If you pack 3x Steel Barricade, you get circa 1000 dmg in legs only! So without using any other weapons you just kill one God Mode setup, for example. So I just keep my fingers crossed for these legs. And what I get? Most often… Combiner Storage! And this is todays contestant! In my opinion Combiner storage is so useless, pathetic and irritating, that every time I get it, I feel like throwing my device through the window. I mean, if you need this, there must be something seriously wrong with your setup. Do you need rockets AND bullets? Then your mech is so overweight, that you are no longer competitive. I am curious what you guys think about it!


most useless miths are combined modules 70/70… are so heavy… and you dont need all ammo… like one swarm and shotgun (heat) only need 30 bullets… so 70/40 is better option… or you want rocket drone plus shotgun, then 40/40 is more than cool, maybe one 40/30… but 70/70 and 95kg are excesive… and unnecesary…


If you think of it, combiners are useful. 70/70 combiners can be used when you use a Dual Shredder Mech with a Bullet Shark. 70/40 combiners can also be viable. These can be used for Dual Electric Storm mechs that uses the Electrickon Drone. So… the title of the most useless item, hats off, goes to “Electrocop”.

Other notable useless items:
All mythical energy items except for the meta items
Wipeout Series (Well, they used to be really good)
Cooldown blockers
As said, Mayhem Series


End the thread now.


God mode and Diamond shell


a blaster that has a 1% chans to deal 1 damage to your oppent but 99% chans to deal 1000 damage to the user but allows increasess all your opponents shelds by 100


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Just a pic from my workshop:

7 pieces of this crap in my workshop in total.


my personal opinion:


this thing…


That’s actually pretty useful at certain situations, especially against Diamond Shell mechs.


i believe it is the stinger 15 heat cost 40’s and 50’s in damage


The most useless mythical item I probably ever got was a ~12 (Physical + explosive + energy) Resistance Module. Resistance modules are honestly useless, or at least much worse than armor plates.


This module is in fact the basis of EACH AND EVERY mech I build in this game. Period. No questions asked. Why? Clear calculation. Take God Mode torso for example. -24 resistance. Enemy deploys a drone that deals 26 dmg. So each round you lose 50 dmg. Let’s say the fight lasts 10 rounds. So the drone deals 500 dmg in total. Now lets fit the resistance module on the God Mode. It now gets -13 res. The same drone deals now only 39 dmg, and 390 in the whole battle. So the res mod saved you 110 HP, and this calculation ASSUMES ONLY THE DRONE DAMAGE, AND NOT ALL THE OTHER WEAPONS!!! I believe that the difference between fitting the mythical resistance module and fitting one or even two titanum plates is huge, for the favour of the resistance module. Two top-class armour plates will give you 180 HP, and Res Mod will save you much much more. But this is my personal opinion.


Nobody EVER used the electrocop. End the thread its over lol


Burning Tractors… OK… they are not USELESS… but they sure do not seem to have anything Mythic about them. Would be a decent Rare.


I would have to vote for electrocop… i find it very hard to use.Mainly because energy mechs rely on energy drain to deal dmg, not on res drain.
The other one i find it very hard to use is the whipeout series, imho if they had push as an effect, they would be great(slightly OP).
Combiner storage are great for using with drones that requier bullets.
Meltrons isn’t completly useless, it is just outshined by other torsos… but if you only have metrons as mythical…it’s excelent.
Cooldown/regeneration blockers are also a bit hard to use, and so they are also a good contender.
But another strong contender, are the discharger breacker because they requier both bullets and energy, and deal regeneration dmg.
Just a few ideeas.


the res drain is used to increase damage dealt it is really useful i win in this one due to res drain


it sucks for energy , the point to be energy is to drain all of his energy cap to deal extra damage , not to drain res.