What is the most negative resistance a mech can have?

Title says it all, what is the idk world record for the max amount of negative resistance?

I think with some yt with Lazeski, who had -242 res damage on him. A void Drone would do 200 damage to him


If pads are allowed, maybe -4000 or so?


I think there was a video of someone with pad testing and got -7000 or something like that. I saw the video long ago and don’t remember well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pretty sure -7000 is impossible… Even if you had hp pads to heal before every shot the maximum -rez has to be a bit under your max hp so 7k is def a no go. So maybe like 4600 or whatever ppl can get their hp to (assuming the match won’t crash first)

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I just remembered something, was this by chance the video you were thinking of?


oh yes. that one. Thx bro. I wasn’t sure if was the right one for the comments above. :+1::+1::+1:

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if I had 2 pilots, and a lot - a lot of time to lose …
I would do much more
to be something real to see, not made

no limit whatsoever, assuming pads are allowed and your opponent is willing to do this challenge thing with you

I saw a video of a guy giving -1500 resistance to titan and doing +1500 damage with a shot

Before this weird new update come max -+ res is 255 but now it’s infinite (if you can do it)

actually i just realized your opponent would die at some point, so it would probs be -5000 for arena fights

Hey what about legicy torsos and legs (:wink:

Aslong as battle is still going it will go infinite

Maybe this can break as much armor as it can but just count how many armor would it break. I used the weapons and drones and the legs that can break the most resistance.


those legs aren’t in game tho

Just wait for it… Time will tell

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hmm mysterious, i like it

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So how it is possible to get so much negative resistance except you have a lot of time so use the drone. Except for that, how?