What is the Most Funniest Thing That Has Happened to You?

So, one of mine was when I had shot a chicken from one of my cannons. Last Words I think it was. (I mean, animal abuse maybe? We are using chickens for ammunition.) But another one, would be this. 55 PM

Also. I did get my account back :smiley: so I am happy. So… yeah.


Bigboy is sososososo strong…

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Is that normal difficulty, or hard? (Also. Wow. Cool mech 0.0)

My heat and energy crashed…


That is hard mode…

Hey it’s me from your clan

My funniest moment was… umm… I don’t know… i’m not funny

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28 PM


LOOOL :joy:
Now I know what happened with you and your account!

You are the one who was trying to scam people in chat with the ‘you need free tokens’ lines and giving away a link to a malicious site. And then you came here to complain.

I’m honestly disappointed if you get your account back, on a side note.

Beast Planet in SM form?

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I don’t have screenshots. . . But this really happened.

When I collected my rewards from a battle, I realized that the rewards were mirrored on the opposite side of the reward box (where it displays # of money/xp reward fro battle). I claimed the reward, but I realized I had LOST 1,700 coins and LOST ~200 xp.

The next battle I got double the reward, so it worked out.

No. I wasn’t trying to scam people. That was when the other dude had my account. The other dude who had my account was called dan kysos I think.

I’m super-glad you got your account back!
Good luck from now on!

Really. I am not lying. I just got my account back from dan kysos yesterday. If you know who Godzilla is, ask him. I never actually try to scam people. I don’t :confused: He said he was quitting super mechs.

It’s not that Godzilla is such a reliable person, LeL :joy:

I cannot prove you’re sincere nor the countrary, and I don’t wanna start a witch hunt.
I just realized who you were when I’ve seen your mech and your IGN, and I found it kinda a coincidence that you said you lost access to your account the same day I’ve reported that malicious behaviour to the stuff.
Also, you said you didn’t shared your user and pass with anyone but you still didn’t explained how the other guy managed to get your account. It’s kinda unlikely someone is able to enter your account if you don’t let 'em enter. So, meh :man_shrugging:

That said, we can drop this argoument and resume the original topic of this thread.

Ok…? I am just saying that I am not a scammer. I don’t scam people. It was not me :frowning: