What is the future of Supermechs?


this is seen in the top clans. every day below the range.

the range of the clans every day is deteriorating.

tactisoft if you want to rescue your game make it playable, make it friendly with the user, free items if you do not want to die in oblivion.

make portals of items so that if you can not level your game at least balance the imbalance.

My Ideas on how to revive SM

You realize that the season just ended a day ago,right?


Lmao , I guess he doesn’t , Lmfao


Dude, it’s an accurate assessment based on historical comparisons of previous seasons at the same time.

Less and less people are playing day by day.

The game is fast deteriorating. Even look at the forum. There’s nothing going on. No serious or meaningful discussions or participation compared to how it used to be.

There also seems to be an apparent lack of interest from the devs and mods. It’s eerily quite both in the game and around here.

Believe me, it’s almost over.


If everything continue like this , game die soon…


If introduced, those floor pads will be the final nail in the coffin. Game will be TOTALLY luck based. Nobody will want to play anymore at that stage.

But watch, ARROGANT devs will put it in game. These people are very short sighted. Want to make money now and now, not long term. So now they sell everything they can in game. Lately, it’s been like a run on the bank. They know better than us how the game has failed.


The coffin wasn’t even built yet when I joined in 2012!
Then the nails started slowly getting drilled in!
Then, after reloaded, the coffin started getting reinforced!
Then, yesterday, upon spending money on Warframe (well worth it) the huge hammer of Warframe greatness slammed down on the coffin, drowning it in huge flaming nails!


That feeling when even the clan leadership system is luck based lmfao. ( IIRC, its picked randomly?)


I guess 4 years would be enough of this for me… They could’ve launched Reloaded as well as kept the old version. But they released this version and ruined so much. GG Tacticsoft.


When designers scramble to introduce bad ideas like this, it’s a sign of the end…

Kinda reminds me of when the Scooby-Doo Franchise inserted this new character…


As you say, I think floor pads will be annoying and unnecessary :grinning:


@Mr.E The floor is other old upgrade (not new)

(7 jun 2016)

(3 april 2015)


the future for sm is still bright. i would say it’s still blindingly bright.

as long as ts isnt giving away boxes directly, the game is still alive and kicking