What is the cost of one legendary in new Superpremium box?

Hi Pilots!
I just want to ask anyone who tried buying new superpremium boxes (5 epics with chance of legendary), what is the exact cost of one legendary in this new box? So far, my numbers for the single 75 tokens box are as follows:
I purchased 88 boxes for 6600 tokens in total, got 7 legendaries from them, which translated into 942 tokens for 1 legendary. I wonder if the new box is a better deal now, or not at all. Perhaps post your purchases here so that we can totalize the numbers and calculate the costs?

Last 3 batches:
6x75 friday morning = 0 legendaries
6x75 friday afternoon = 0 legendaries,
6x75 monday morning + 1x335 = 0 legendaries

1685 T = 0 legendaries

Extremely motivating, right !

Thanks, GeNal, but I really want to focus on the NEW box, so let us assume 1 box > 0 legends so far…

Check out with Rocketblaster69 (topic “I am in furious tears about this (anger and sadness)” - he doesn’t mention if he burned whole 6500 T and got only 3 legendary out of 6500 T buying new 335T premium boxes!
Seems universal patttern - people get mad !!!

I bought one 5x got non yellow card. How unlucky im. God hates me.