What is the boss of the frozen abyss weakness

i need help beating the frozen abyss on insane mode but any kind of tips are fine.

try using an energy mech.
Since all his wepons are energy dependant.
Malice beams, histeria, last words, all are good energy wepons.


a mech with a good drainage of energy and good cooling if you want to survive the first attacks of the boss

It has a lot of capacity but little regeneration of energy so you will have to drain it as fast as possible and without being overheated.

thank you a lot El_Metre

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i just tried your tip and i didn’t even get to the boss

Try with a heat mech …

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send me a PM with your build. Will get it done somehow :wink:

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14 AM

Oki, so you use phis mech, good it can work.
But you will need as modules 4 epic plates, 3 heat engines, 1 cooling module.
Hook and charge.
If you want to take the fight up close to him, you gonna need atleast 300 heatcap, and about 140 cooldown, and alot of health.

but my items weigh to much

Since you’re going for a close-quarters fight,why don’t you just discard your top weapon/weapons and/or your rocket launcher to make some room for modules (just for this fight)?


Let go of the desert snake., just for this fight.
And for thw future, mix it up with corupt light, they work well as a heat build.

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because my desert snake is my strongest heat/physical weapon with unlimited uses.

Sometimes the way you play your strategy overpowers the weapons/type you use.
But,if you really wanna keep it at least discard the grenade launcher (forgot its name,ofc) or the physical top for they’ll be nothing more than dead weight on this kind of battle.


thanks for the useful tip.

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Physical top weapon: Reckless Beam
Grenade launcher: Terror Cry

You welcome :smiley_cat:

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i only have the reckless beam i don’t have the others

My desert Snake is a heat weapon

Hahaha well I also used my energy mech against the boss