What is the Best torso in supermechs?


I think intercepter sucks.


Best torso?

Brutality or Windigo are great for heat and physical.

Avenger works if you own no legendary-myth HP plates.

GrimReaper (and Naga, to a lesser extent) if your mech requires a large energy reserve.



I like brutality or windigo


It depends. Insert cliched statement about how you need to find your own path to success


I did a post on this.

Nightmare and Grim Reaper are generally best if you have access to 315 mythical plates, but much weaker if you don’t.

Avenger is the best if you’ve accepted you’ll never get mythical plates, but one of the worst cores if you have them.

Brutality is probably the best mix.


how about i show you that avenger is the best…actuly The BEAST! if you have hp plates?
how does 3050 hp sound to you, with 240 cooling and 400 heat cap sound?


Welldingo como que Windingo, los gorditos reinaran XD!


@El_Metre - Not as good as Brutality.

I’m not sure what kind of set up you’re talking about, but Avenger + Iron Boots + 4 mythical plates = 2980 HP. That’s already going to be extremely heavy (heaviest core, heaviest legs + plates) and 3050 would be even heavier. Hard to get a good weapon set up on that.

I really have no idea how you’re coming up with these numbers. There’s no way to get to 240 cooling + 400 heat on Avenger with only 4 slots, and no way to get to 3050 HP with only 4 slots.

Either way, I’d much rather have Brutality with 2771 HP and MUCH better cooling than Avenger with 2980.



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We don´t have myth HP plates, and Avenger is relatively low in heat and cooling.


Cualquier torso con placas de vida míticas es bueno como piñata de boxeo, no hay que ser un genio para deducir eso XD!


I use windigo as a torso.
Mixed windigo,(MYTHICAL) 982 HP, 217 energy, 72 regeneration, 301 heat, 112 cooling, ( 345kg )
Mixed iron boot,(MYTHICAL) 478HP, ( 148kg )
Two Annihilation,(MYTHICAL) ( 65kg ), ( 65kg )
Nightfall, (MYTHICAL)( 49kg )
Night eagle, (MYTHICAL) ( 46kg )
void,(MYTHICAL) ( 29kg )
1kg teleporter, (COMMON)(the first one in old supermechs)
Charge engine (LEGENDARY) ( 20kg )
Iron hook (EPIC) ( 17 kg )
Two energy engine,(LEGENDARY) 65 energy, 30 regeneration, 65 energy, 30 regeneration ( 25kg ), ( 25kg )
heat engine,(LEGENDARY) 65 heat, 30 cooling ( 25kg )
Energy mass booster,(LEGENDARY) 45 regeneration ( 15kg )
Cooling mass booster,(LEGENDARY) 45 cooling ( 15kg )
Three (EPIC) iron planting ( 145HP x3= 435HP) ( 40kgx3=120kg)


HP: 982+478+435=1895
Energy: 217+65+65=347
Regeneration: 72+30+30+45=177
Heat: 301+65=366



Best for what? Which medium? Heat physical or energy. I am using a brutality. It is an overall well rounded mech. I use it for energy but have to stack it with energy plates to make it hold up against most heaters. The torso that is best is the one that allows you to build your most competitive mech based on what items you posses. I use an avenger for my physical build. I have a ARCHIMONDE waiting for the item limit to drop so I can build a third mech. Depends on what you have .


Archimonde is garbage now, don’t touch it with a 50 ft pole.


Please show a Mech with 3050HP, I want to see that

I know MAXED avenger gives
(350),1242 HP, 193/64 Energy, 145/48 Heat, Resists - 16P/22Ex/22El)


Actually, the result is 1010… I checked it three times.


no, it’s 1000, Now im 1015kg, i change a iron planting ( 40kg) to a energy engine (25kg), 45-15=30, 1015-15=1000


but now I only have an epic one


I think you don’t know this teleporter


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