What is the best strategy for 3 mechs modules in 2 VS 2 system for PHYSICAL mechs


Hello guys :smiley:

I have almost fully mythed my third mech and i am confused what type of modules i should focus…
I have all three mechs as physical…
Have seen many phy top players having third mech especially made to counter Phy VS Phy… IDK what to do, could u guys give me some suggestions??
Sadly, i don’t have claw.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Hi Jensh.
Did you find a good clan in the end?
Please share your builds (module page), we will see what can be done. İf i remember well, you have very good bases.


hey, thank you.
I play from a website Kongregate, we have a seperate chat there and friends too… we have profiles :slight_smile:
THE KONGREGATION was a clan of a friend there…feel sad he left - brandOP
I am in Awful clan, one of my great friend’s clan… we get huge wins in this clan almost 3K…my last week wins was 168 :slight_smile:

i will screenshot and send my all three mechs pics with the modules , thank you


first mech…is average against energy mechs…and just changed my module from heat engine to mass cooling so i have 1 epic , will be myth soon :slight_smile:


second mech…is still on progress, actually my all mechs are on progress… :slight_smile:


1st one
I would make it a counterbuild to heat and phis.
2 energy modules arent gonna help you against energy.
Dish out an energy module for another cooling.
And change the other energy module for another hp plate.
Pull it out wheb facing phis and heat, can do good.


third mech… is on huge upgrading…hehe i upgraded so many myths in 3 days, back breaker is for seraph users and brutuality is for its lightness and resist , thank you.
Still need nightfall instead of magma on this mech


2nd one, build it as a phis and energy counter.
Basicly just go full 4 energy modules and 3 plates and resist.
Pull it out against energy and phis, and i can work pretty well since it has rolling.


thx a lot, i will do that :smiley:


Build the 3rd as a rounder, 3 plates, 3 energy, 2 heat modules.
Change the brut for a zark.
Put the brut on the first mech or 2nd.


oh, that would work rly cool, thx a lot


No problem.
Any time you need something.
Pm me, and we can sort things out.


sure, thank you for helping