What is the best legs for energy mechs?

Currently i am rank 13 and my highest rank is 11 and currently i am using lightning supporters do you recommend using it? Or is there something more good? Does sparked runner good also? How about Charged walkers? Please help me on my mech.

Your mech?

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Sparked Runners is the best if you can get them
They are L-M

Otherwise, it really depends on what kind of Mech you want to make, and what stats your looking for (HP, Dmg, Energy Dmg, move range, push, lower weight etc.)… Here’s the stats on all the Energy Legs…

I’d consider consulting the source (Maxed Mythical Listings) for further guidance on Mech building…


When your rank is high do the top player use damage mechs?

Top builds are really about Maxing HP, while doing damage as quickly as possible (Magmas, Bunkers, Spartans)

Unfortunately, high HP will require plat plates and L-M protectors which are tough to get as a Free-to-Play (FTP)

There are some nice FTP builds to try and work towards that can compete with Pay-to-Win (P2W) builds. There are a handful of Specialist builds also that work on Energy Draining or Overheating opponents.


Thank you btw im a FTP player


same and I’ve played for 2 months and I am already rank 9-8

You can choose from any of these legs :

  • Sparked Runners - Best in the house. Has nice energy damage, lightweight and really good movement range, which is three. Doesn’t do drain that much though, but what do you need that for anyways? Only problem is the HP, it’s a bit low.

  • Lightning Supporters - Number 1 legs for regular energy mechs. Good HP and Energy Drain with average damage. It’s a standard to energy mechs.

  • Charged Walkers - Number 2 legs to use if you don’t have Lightning Supporters yet, or if you want better HP than using Dynamic Stompers. Has same HP as Lightning Supporters, but lesser damage and drain than it. Also lesser weight, so there’s that.

  • Dynamic Stompers - Just some average legs for your average joe. Has good damage, weight, and energy drain. Has low HP though.

  • Recoil Stompers - Only needed when using mechs that are mostly long range. Deals some fierce damage and has average HP, but really heavy.

  • Rolling Beasts - If you don’t have Sparked Runners, you could use this as well. Also used if you have spare weight with Sparked Runners. Has better HP than it, but you’ll be getting heavier weight and deal Phys dmg.

  • Iron Boots - If the HP that Lightning Supporters and Charged Walkers aren’t enough and you have some spare weight, use this. Gives more HP, but is heavier and deals Phys dmg.

  • The Claw - Yeah nah this is the legs that rival Sparked Runners. Only used because of the large HP. You’d need some Teleports, Hooks, and a Range 1 weapon to go with it though.

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