What is THE best energy build in THE game?

I am focosing on a energy build and I am wondering which One is THE best of Them all.

Since I doubt that you are able or willing to invest the absurd amounts of money that would be needed to get a certain item for a certain build with a high probability (see here: CleverName's drop rates (2020 drop rates) ), I think that question is not too helpful. An IMHO better question is: Which good energy mech can I build with the items that I have gotten so far (and you’ve gotten some pretty nice stuff^^).


I just want to know what weapons I need

Unstable Powercell is the way to go, I’ve heard…


Yes but I am thinking of maybe brightroar

There is no THE BEST build. Gimme the inventory, we’ll build the best ones from it for you. It would be better if you had certain items, such as valiant sniper, unstable power cell, piercing fox, bunker shell as they are OP


THE best energy build is one that can drain THE opponents energy while also doing enough damage to defeat THE opponent. THE best energy build must have enough health and resistance to withstand THE attacks of physical builds, and enough heat to withstand THE boiler builds. It must have enough energy not to be drained by THE other energy mechs, and if you use EMP then enough to use that too. Basically, just use UPC


Meta #1 (replace Tonto with Unreliable Guardian - workshop didn’t have it)

Meta #2 (replace Tonto with Unreliable Guardian - workshop didn’t have it)

Meta #3

Not in any particular order, but those are 3 energy builds I’ve seen/would assume to work well in any rank


You forgot the one on claw, dual vaillant and the 2 recoil shotguns.



Undoubtedly, the best of all three if used mindfully. I myself am using this build from the beginning of this week and it has proved it’s prowess. Not only it deceases most heaters but also has an edge against upc mechs (bunkers’ low energy consumption).

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Where is the deadshot build? Haze build? Those guys have an op en build doe

Oi, nibba I’ve defeated both of them, so yes mine is low-key superior


Deadshot uses a heat mech and haze uses an energy counter on 1v1 season

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Uhh he was talkin bout some meta en builds but ok

haze cant stable stand vs heat mechs

12 UPC , 4 on each mech, bam , you become the embodiment of fair and balanced gameplay

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