What is new in the 9.6 Update?

Only game that no discounts

Don’t forget the MOST important and BEST part of the update: The BRAND NEW clan button (!!!) in the mech select screen!

This is very important and I am glad they added it… If not I wouldn’t have figured out how to enter the clan screen!



How true!

I never knew of the existance of it.

Thanks to the new update know I can waste my tokens and click now faster on clan button!


Is it just me or the bonus coins you receive when buying a specific pack of coins was removed :confused:

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Why are you surprised? Just a regular downdate by tacticsoft.

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I also noticed that the fixed limit of watching ads for tokens is now 3 ffs

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I dont see the new balance of things? Any modules got nerfed?

especially for players outside the clan :laughing:

I dont know why are you joking about a serious thing like this.

I really never did knew of that clan thing, thanks to that, I found finally a social life!

Melee weapons now have 1-2 range

hmm… I dnt ask u about real life.

botton “Clan” was in “Arena”, all time. Front said botton is third, after that and in player profil.

because Im, also as some players, outclaner 4 example.

don’t worry, be happy and enjoy game :slight_smile:

Nice update!! Mission: “Nerf every item in Bruce’s mech” is now completed and the only thing my shit “heat” mech can overheat anymore is itself and my nerves,best update ever…as always

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old news. It was already earlier.
…For phys :slight_smile:

but our battle with the bugs display of the distance it is hard to forget

I just realized that in the campaign, Mech windows are yellow now

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Not only yellow, also orange…and movement animation is faster (which is positive change)