What is needed a plate or a energy mass booster


Currently this Mech has a energy mass booster equipped
Do I remove it and put another plate


if you want to counter energy then change to ele engine and if psyh then plate


not enough weight for changing it to plate or engine.


changing legs is an option


Don’t worry about weight just tell me the change


Okay. Then, add a plate.(but cap is low.Have you maxed your modules or no?)


So I don’t need that energy mass booster right ?


Should I use any other torso ?


No.max out modules and add that plate.


Or I can do is remove all the energy modules and make like Mercy +annhilation+night eagle


If you want to make it anti-energy and anti phys, remove the all protector that you have, add the myth phys protector, and add an energy engine.
mercy+anni+night eagle… that would work with avenger, at 3 plates, and heat engines for anti heat.
If you want it to be a pure phys vs phys battle, then yes, why not?


Ok so I’ll make annhilation+Mercy+night eagle
I may use brutality


Would work good for phys and heat.


Do you not have the claw?


No I don’t have claw


No,not Avenger for anti-heat.Compared to Zarkares,the sacrifice of heat isn’t worth for 100 hp.
But I agree with the rest and the replies above.