What is my sexuality?

Well I like anime girls more than 3d so I’m straight. But the thing is, I do wrestling at school, and sometimes there are guys who said hi to me and I’m very surprised that they are friendly.

So last week my coach gave everyone a poster that has a picture of the team, I went up to the person who I admire the most (Never talked to him and he never said anything to me) to ask for his signature on the poster. He said sure and signed, he asked if I’m Filipino because he is one and I look Filipino. Then I said no I’m Vietnamese and he said “Oh.”

Since then, he always says hi to me every time we see each other and I’m really happy. I kinda like him a bit (romantic way) because he is the best wrestler and he’s friendly to me. So I don’t know if I’m gay or straight. I 95% like girls and 5% like nice guys like him.





test it …

… have fun :exclamation:


Little help, so you can decide easier …


Lemme get uuuh option B



Anime is 2D = 2 Dicks = GAY


with the kind of content on forums recenty maybe we should put an age restriction to forums. 18+


I am an attack helicopter , thank you.

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I’m a fighter jet, I’ll shoot you down.


Try me , brotha

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i am a nuke and i will take u both down with me

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for @Fluxeon


For Flux, too…


How about this one?

you’re probably bisexual arc.

in what way is an innocent highschool crush stroy 18+?

I’m omnisexual. All da sexualities and all da sex as well

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it was declassified as a mental dissorder by pretty much every reputable psychiatric association in the western world. let me guess though, the opinions of professionals mean less than your feels?

this mess of words makes no sense, I suggest you re-order them.

how does the fact that gay means intercourse between two members of the same gender make it “not a sexuality”? if you look at the definition of sexuality:

you see that it nowhere indicates any exclusion of male on male or even female on female relationships. but let me guess, feels before reals? the remainder of this paragraph is more nonsensical gibberish so there’s really no way to adress it.

from what I gather you seem to suggest there is no part of the “intellegence” that is active in being gay just resposne to “triggers” which I assume is attraction. doesn’t this only support the fact that it is a sexuality and not some lie or conscious decision? although to be fair in this mess its hard to tell what your point even is but I’m fairly sure you’re failing to make it.

your argument here seems to be bisexuality exists therefore homosexuality doesn’t? if it’s not you need to be clearer and if it is it’s self-evidently fallacious.

I think I’m done with this post, you’re probably a bot anyway.

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You can read below first, or above first. You don’t only not make any sense but your dependency/reliance to idle/impatient on a popular/common website/forum with it’s minds/parts that has full access/reach to illustration/publishment only displays/indicates in your writings/properties a enormous/huge gap/lack of correction/definition and unwilling/inpatients directive/altered comment/threat that evolves me which is a hazard/exposure to me and my writings and should result/estimate immediate/instant removal/termination of reply sent to me if it contains any type of accusation/blame that directs/alters a mind/part to me which I do not need right now or ever. Forever. You do not simply state a wrong then ask a question on how it works? This shows reliance/dependence with accuse of wrong which makes no sense and doesn’t come from anyone that’s intelligent nor does it have any real correction/definition other than the inaccurate projections/sources that’s paired or compared to an unrelated/separate source with the use of stupidity/inaccuracy. Stay away from words if you’re not right.

Man + Man = Gay, and nothing more

Gay which symbolizes as a strike |
Not symbolizes as minus - gay
And a strike beneath the surface is impossible which means nothing more

Don’t ignore the math, you symbolize as belief | for now but you aren’t gay, just mentally ill.

Ignorance/Stupidity is symbolized as equivalence = which estimate/results indication/displaying on the scales/values of equivalence/accuracy as gay having no value/scale since value/scale isn’t gay meaning it is 100% itself a mind that can never truly have terms/rules which are also not gay meaning they’re met every time with a surface/category which are never gay for there to be 0% of gay projections/sources.

You’re being wrong/deliberate through the use of ignorance/stupidity by simply using labels of fraud/belief forgery/duplication of minds/parts that’s unaware and misreading, you aren’t even correcting me, nothing that comes from intelligence but a comment that allows you to direct/alter minds parts with a belief to my writings of fact.

There are no declarations/claims for a mind/part of a projection/source that isn’t anything more than what’s visible/present,

This is how stupid your belief looks in math.
Man + Man = Gay and with your belief | something more from ‘strike’ which is sexuality.
This is how my mathimatics display it, it can’t be anything more than that, but a mind that’s dependent to something that isn’t truly gay and unmatching

Man + Man = Gay projection which symbolizes as ‘strike’ | which can’t have equivalence relies on - minus to be identified/credited for gay, you’re comments do not make sense and anything that would make no sense to one that uses comments without clear estimations would be that of a mind/part that relies on a website, which is stupid.

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Not being able to understand the English language with a mind/part that’s incapable of reading words in a correct order without showing declaration/claim for correction is unthinkable/noticeable and never truly be apart of any surface/category or even intelligence/equivalence which made all of your comments on how you felt about my declaration/claim in accurate/clear terms/rules identified/credited as a puzzled/troubled mind/part of unintelligent or gay projection/source.

I will answer your last question, I’ve never mention anything about gay being in anyway a sexuality, anything from gay-retard projections/sources that’s visible/present on a surface/category will not count as anything more than that of unintellegence or gay which is | and never + which is strike relying on - minus to be visible/present and you relying on projection/source from websites, in other words you can’t make a declaration on your own.

You will be reported for any unequivalence breaking the rule of keeping it civil.
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You have my permission to answer and make corrections without ignorance/stupidity
Which is gay ? | projection/scource - surface/category = if you’ve stated that it’s surface/category then you’re calling surface/category gay? The English/ language doesn’t indicate anything of it’s own intelligence as gay so you must be wrong since gay itself is relying on that of a control/sense to carry it to where it needs to be but be triggering/causing effect of ‘is’ present making ‘there’ present and ‘gay’ having no meaning but something else, something gay but never ‘er’ meaning ‘gayer’ would be nonequivalent on the scales/values of surfaces/categories meaning it states it’s own being which is itself entirely/forever ‘gay’. Your question might mean, what’s the likelihood/possibility gay with people if you were intelligent enough to ask with knowing instead of using fraud/belief information/listings of knowing through a idle/impatient projection/source of reliance/dependence which is even worse an ignorant/stupid fraud/belief compared to displayment/indication of the willing/waiting that declare/choose to define/correct with definitions/corrections, and the possibility/likelihood with people a category separate from gay-retards is 0%, you’re not a gay-retard, just mentally ill and you need help with your mind/part which is of unmatching/misreading sources/projections that are entirely/forever unrelated/seperate causes/triggers involving/labeling an inhumane theory of human being a naturality/normality of being because of a mind/part with contaminants/change causing other minds/parts to carry the same belief which is trespass/unauthorized permit/right to cause/trigger a body/function to be visible/present which would only result/estimate immediate administration/improvement to their beliefs which are to be known as existing surfaces/categories.

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Dr. Kran, the LGBT community would have a field day with you pal !!

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lol … that’s normal!

The really worrying thing would be that you could only admire beauty in people of your opposite sex!

That you admire someone of your same gender because he have some attractive quality, even if that quality is that he have a big penis, it´s totally normal! Don´t repress!

Beauty was made to admire, the eyes were made to see and the touch to feel.

Women are much less repressed than men in this.

Keep in mind beauty is ephemeral, it´s less beautiful on the second day, so if there is something worth looking at, do it, before time makes it disappear.

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You got some serious problems doc

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