What is my next mythical?

Well…all is saied in the title ^^ here is a screenshot of my mech ^^

  • Backbreaker
  • Nightfall
  • Night Eagle

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dude u need to put single choice xD
if not we gonna chose all & u dont see wich is the result
i vote x nightfall

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I changed the poll type, it’s good normally ^^

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Man, your next mythical should be the torso. Period. End of story.

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Well…It’s not like Redeemer is a Epic-to-Legendary torso, but…^^

thats @Mordulec point xD
u should look x a mythical torso
but i read before on other post that u love redeemer so i didnt say a thing about

I currently waiting for the Archimond torso for mythical…which considered as the worst XD

But I still love the art of Redeemer, plus the name…^^

I’ll check which torso would be better for me after mything every thing else ^^

well i love archimonde art
was my fav design before reload
but now i like Avenger
its name sound cool too xD
so if u have good heat modules this can be ur torso

As @Mordulec said,you should go for the torso.
Your weapons are kinda limited so I’m gonna pick Nightfall…Tho you should get a new setup altogether…Why not switch that useless hammer for something else and more usable,like an Annihilation…?

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My only Annihi is currently lvl 1 epic… and that hammer pushes enemies away in case of CQC, and is more powerful than my Iron boots atm…

And I can go melee if I want with my teleport, charge and rock biter ^^

then annihilation suits even better than backbreaker
i would recommend mercy instead but u know its leg-myth so we just recommend annihilation by that

I know, Mercy is Legend-to-Myth…^^

Btw, do you voted in the poll after I changed its type ?

It looked like it reseted the votes ^^

yeah mercy its kinda mobidick x some people

done heehee