What is my next mythical upgrade?

I am going to finish upgrading all my heat and energy modules. But what is next to mythical? I am torn between the drone and a heat engine.

Why? The drone has saved my butt a number of times. It is solid. The heat because i get hammered sometimes by double myth desolation. Honorable mention is the spinefall. I can pull the dual desolation in with the spinefall out of range and take more damage and drain more energy. What are the thoughts? What should my upgrade to myth order be?

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I think it would have to be a heat engine

That is what i was leaning toward as well. I can drain a sub 300 bot in the second turn usually. I get destroyed by heat with no energy, so I was leaning toward that. Sometimes i will get beat by a dedicated energy bot, but it is usually heat/physical with no energy use.

pick one and start workin on it, askin every1 is a time waste.:smiling_imp:

I say the hp plate, your hp is quite low.

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I am going with the heat.

Thanks for the advice on the hp, but 90hp usually doesnt come down to the difference. It has a couple of times, but the advantage i lose by missing a turn or two more than makes up for it. I really need a good 1-2 range weapon. For energy. I have contemplated switching the flame thrower out for annihilation or another last words.