What is it like to have a dog? and other questions about dogs

Dear Dog Owners,

What is it like to have a dog? What species of dogs do you think are best for a average person? Submit your answers down below.

We, non-dog owners will be asking you all questions based on dogs. Since most of us do not own a dog, we will submit questions about having a dog regularly.

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Ok, here are your first questions.

If Its a puppy
You will love and hate it
Shits everywhere
But give kisses
So I would play
And then give him to the Chinese kids next door :meat_on_bone:


Eating a dog just for food is nothing compared to what they give you.
They give you more than just be a companion.

Lot’s of stinky carpets.


Having a dog changes you, especially from a puppy to an adult. Having one can be relieving, especially when they are in the older age, like 1 and half years old. They feel that negative aurora within you. In the puppy stage, it can be stressful. They are basically babies. So, that’s a no brainer. Dogs are cute and fun to be with. They are your best friend.

The worse part of having a dog, is when you have to put them down. If you have a strong bond with them, it really hurts.

The Golden Retrievers are the best to have. They are easy to train, and are very friendly. They are very smart.


Doggies are so cute i think i have a picture, this was before Covid outbreak btw


dogs are fun and as for best for an average person i don’t really think that’s a thing…just get whatever dog you like and take care of it

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If that why you have a Siberian husky ready to sneeze to cause a nuke?


it’s a malamute and it’s even worse than a nuke xd


Here is your second question:
What type of dogs do you like and hate the most?
(2 or more species required.)

My all time favorite is the Golden Retriever. I also like the Husky. Mostly friendly dogs.

The Wiener Dog and the chihuahua. Mostly, little dogs that don’t stop barking. I don’t hate them, it just a dog I would not like to have.

I’m a German Shepard Fan, as they are the sweetest things ever

Most likely Chihuahua, ik they are cute, but they get really annoying with their constant barking at doors, or any little strange sound made

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