What is happening with the contents of the boxes?


Someone may say you have not noticed anything unusual. But for a compulsory box opener like me it’s pretty obvious. Lately the content of all boxes, mythical and not mythical is very bad.

Weapons that nobody uses, modules like to make a museum … while the best items such as missile weapons, drones without ammunition, 2-pipe armor, god modes and lavascopes shine by their absence or are very difficult to obtain .

You will tell me it´s bad luck. Maybe 1 or 2 weeks I accept that, I have had bad luck, but this is happening already 1 month ago or more.

Now, to complete the overview, the modules blue boxes have been removed from the store, so most of the contents of the mix blue boxes are modules. Can you explain what I do with so much module? I sell them or what? Because even for upgrade they are quite useless.

Please improve the contents of the boxes, if you want to sell more tokens. Deteriorating content, people get bored and do not buy.

Rgds. Nancy.


Here is what I do if you are getting more Modules then anything in the mix boxes. Get rid of everything you don’t need or mostly everything. The more of the same Item you have, the more likely you will get it again. So get rid of them.

That’s what I need to do, yet the frkn work shop is still not organized. It’s organized all wrong. Especially with modules. I might as well get rid of everything since it’s not organized like the old shop. It was organized the best way. I was able to find what I had so easy. Now its BS.