What is happen to players name?

Some players name has ### in it, but I go to his clan and back, the ### disappeared.

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They censor out words like boob, rape, ■■■■, space, shit, ass, nob, poop, and more (Idk why nob is censored)
So if your name is “Nobody123” it will become “###ody123”.


CensorshiT :upside_down:


Glass has ass in it traper has rape in it poopster has poop in it. Nob is slang for penis in the UK.

lol nob is short for a mans
( I heard a British person say it )

On German words the english censorships acts too.


Even clan names gets censored.

It is very frustrating when you use up your last name change and end up getting hashtags. :stuck_out_tongue:

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