What is going to come next? (Already too many hybrids around and no need for more)

Basically,today they introduces 2 new weapons.
The consume the other type that they produce.
So,we have a Corrupt Light that uses 110 energy to fire and a Malice Beam that uses 110 heat.
The heat version is plainly useless.
The other one could help in SOME situations,although it’s inefficient compared to the regular Malice Beam.
I tested out the electric one today.
I can tell that it does more bad that good,overheating way too much.
As a serious electric build,that thing is suicide.
You’ll lose out turns against physicals due to cooling (as it costs so much).
You’ll lose out to heaters because you’ll do half the heating for them.
You’ll lose to MOST energies because 123 energy damage,in most cases,isn’t enough to completely drain as they’ll regen the turn after you’re drained.
Conclusion,both weapons are pretty useless (although they look cool).

But that’s not the main point.
By making hybrid weapons this once,are we to expect maybe some more other hybrids?
If yes,then what are we going to do…?

As you already know,there is an aglomeration of hybrid builds (smurfs) and this will only encourage people to make hybrids.
I have a bad feeling about this…
I fear that SuperMechs will become SuperHybrids.
Please tell me what you think below.

Thanks for hearing me out (as someone who is already tired of the gameplay due to these smurfs).


Thought about you and your “smerfs” the second i saw the nature of the items…


I already went against 2 people that had these items (gratefully in legendary).
That messes the gameplay up even more.
And soon to come,we’ll only go against hybrids from the looks of it.
Seriously man,I think you understand me…at least 7 out of 10 matches on my part are against such…creatures.

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How about “mad hatter”?

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I perfer hater.
But ok.

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Please ask the devs if they realize what kind of place the arena has become lately (for the medium-high ranks and lower;smurfs don’t surpass rank 3).
Do they realize how broken the experience is?
And what are they doing,encouraging the use of such builds even more?


i agree with hybrid problem,we don t need more smurfs

i disagree about your opinion about the weapon,not all new weapons got to be op af,i think that this weapon is not for top 200 players(top ranks) but may be used by players between rank 25 and 10 without any problem
don t like it?perfect you got some legendary food

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No,not OP.
But at least decent and something that doesn’t break the order of things.
I’m saying…No more hybrids!

I also agree to the rest of your affirmation,this has no chance of surpassing that boundary…But it’ll make some people’s lifes harder while not getting the owner anywhere themselves!
Also,I repeat…All this is doing is to increase the hybrid (smurfs in general) mentality/example.

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i agree with that,but what we can do?

as i said weapon may be decent for few people,like those who don t get to many legendarys(25-20 ranks)

No harm if the add a useless weapon as long as you don’t use it!

The only effect it will have is , you might get it out I’d a premium box , other than that there is no harm

so you may get it as myth food XD
it does not matter if you get it as rare epic or legendary
this weapon it s FOOD

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Like I said, its a double edged sword.


Which is why I am going to use it for mythical fuel.

Nothing. As the creators of the game beat down their own game further than they already did.

Not me.

Lol. SuperHybrids. A Heterozygous.

I am seeing smurfs in rank 8 and 6.
Of which they keep it that way.
And that’s what gets them dead to meh.
Met a heat-energy hybrid that ended up shutting himself down.


don t forget energy phys mechs XDD they thin that they can drain you with a face shocker and a malice beam

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They may be decent for those guys but you know who are they perfect for?
You guessed…SMURFS!


That’s horrifying. Why would you do this?

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Ask them…

I’m a straight builder.

the sad part is that they get better stuff than us and they don t know how to use it


And their 3-type build with 800 less health,no strategy and not even an activated drone throw our bones out of the window,I know…

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No,we are FOOD.
We are BOUND to become FOOD to SMURFS!

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