....what is going on is 11 rank arena

just don`t understand what the heck is going on. HOW?!

His HP… His rank… What… HOW?!

P.S. I am the red colored bot.

i’ve done that before. it’s most likely a player that wants to de-rank, so they built a bot with weakest weapons and low hp to get one-shotted to go down in rank.

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It’s very possible he has a main bot way stronger than yours. lol. i was rank 3 and dropped down to 12 from de-ranking. then on my way back up i ran across some players that one-shotted me before. i loved their reactions seeing me again with my main mech.


@Kaen 's anwer of deranking is possible.

It is also possible to be an old player just returning to the game?

i hope it’s the first one. :slight_smile:

i was at ladder 2 to collect ladder up coin. i decline to ladder 20 no further possible. some levels give constant mix box like lvl 4. if you up n down lvl 3-4 you will get good amount of free boxes. if you too strong you won’t get any. After this comment you wont get any lvl 4 free boxes. :slight_smile: have fun.

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What do you mean by “constant mix box” at level 4, @MAX_Kill4Free ?

You get free boxes in ladder matches more? Even after you completed the 5-battle daily requirement?

This looks interesting. Once I hit rank 5 I could dive down in the depths of the rankings and earn more boxes?

(Oh crud. After this thread any mix box drops will be nerfed. DOOM and DESPAIR!)

if im not wrong this dude from htk.

Yup you did it again, the nerfaholics have you in their sights.
You’ll learn sooner or later… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: