What is changing on raid point system?


I saw your construction for the raid … enough one heat bomb … liberated weight use to increase the HP … maybe help


I think that score depends on number of hit taken and damage.


that’s because they’re testers


best score 19.000 from ztsky he use heal drone more than me. and more hp is giving point just a little may 2-3, 500 more?
it have different thing


what are they testing?


Here you are


The smaller the gap between Max HP and HP in the end of the mission, the bigger the point loss per damage


answer is up:) problem is no hp or no damage…


Fairplay-enforcer testers have good back LMAO…

Every era needs its scapegoats it seems…-_-


Funny how the same ones from the other week reappear :rofl::rofl:


they are favored ‘’ TESTERS’’
they make test and searching justice, we lost deserved rewards


yes it’s devs fault


how many weeks will they tested? do you have imformation?


Would love to abuse that shit again next week :grin:
I can’t see anything fair about this thing anymore since people will just abuse


And who said that these are testers? Do you have such information? maybe the scammer is hiding among them, maybe all of them?
I received 50 tokens from Jonny - he assigned testers this way and I don’t have such a mistake, the bots in the raid always stand in their places! So this is a hoax! and deception should be punished!
But alas, we play in supermech, but here it is not customary to punish for deception!
yes @jonny?



Write the text right away, you changed the meaning. It’s good that I did not have time to answer))

I am a tester, I do not have this error - everyone who uses this bug is a scam!

I have already said that the use of errors is prohibited in any game! I repeat it again, it seems the third time (the last) - an error is found? described? = You do not have the right to use it! And everyone who has this error is using it, this is bagouser!


Maybe I did everything as on video = no error. It is safe to conclude that you all use third-party programs for hacking the raid! NO? - prove it!


i’m a tester too but i didn’t get those bugs but i’m not saying that they are cheaters because they play as always


why are you so sure?
What is the difference between them and you? The game client is one for all, why the separation? Jonny cheated and did not appoint us, but just issued tokens? ))) Hardly.


That top 1 boii should be banned .-.

Such a cheater .-.