✱ What Is Battle Dawn ? I'm From Supermechs ✱

✱ So basically I play Supermechs and on this forum there is another game called “Battle Dawn…” I have no idea what it’s about, This is for anyone to answer.

What is this Game About, is it Fun and is it Pay to Win?

Battle Dawn is a free-to-play browser-based strategy game. It revolves around diplomacy, skill, and activity. in my opinion, activity is one of the most important. If you are able to be ingame for about 16 hours, and be able to get online within 5 minutes of being called on phone or skype, no matter the time of day, no matter what you are doing, you are considered somewhat active. (there is another tier which i consider “very active” but that doesn’t seem like something you need to know about yet. If you are willing to get put away into a hospital, drop out of high school, get hallucinations, and possibly permanent damage to your body just to be top of a game, i might explain in further detail). most communication is done on Skype, and you have all your little friends and little enemies on there. that is also where recruitment for future eras usually happens. (i’ve had over 900 contacts at one point just from BD)


this quote by a Battle Dawn player perfectly explains the horrifying experience of playing the game


Oh Jeez @Kaen

hopefully this thread will get more replies still wanting to know more about battle dawn

It depends on how serious you are

I never was very serious but almost won an era and had some fun

@Chucky [quote=“Chucky, post:5, topic:7556, full:true”]
It depends on how serious you are

I never was very serious but almost won an era and had some fun

Hahahaha you never were serious, christian is still alive like alexander, looks like the bounty hunters havent killed them hahahah

same like the supermechs movie project, it was another shit too hahahah xd


What is this Game About, is it Fun and is it Pay to Win? ✱

It is kinda fun

it can be p2w depending on how long you stay up

really this game can be life-wrecking for people because they get addicted

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oh gosh :grin:

As other’s have stated, BattleDawn is simply a very different monster. Though it’s tough on individuals, we also have extremely dedicated and loyal players who have stuck around for close to a decade. But it’s hard not to be passionate about a game that often takes over your life :stuck_out_tongue:
As stated, activity is important. Without being able to commit in some way (being call-able and check in on your own throughout the day) you simply won’t get very far. It revolves around being available. It kinda feels like an on-call job. BUT, with it, you often form strong bonds with those you play with as you end up spending a LOT of time with them. Weeks on weeks of chatting with your teammates about strategy and coordination (and of course, when you’re all delirious from staying awake too much, you’ll chat about weird crap too).
It can be considered pay to win by some, but really, they can be outplayed. But still tough no doubt as they can rebuild quicker even when you defeat them.

Essentially, if you are looking for a map based strategy that you’re willing to put a bit of dedication into, it’s a fantastic game. You’ll make close friends (in fact, I met up with one of our old admins, Simen just last week) and you’ll have some fun. Just gotta get that balance.


This is like a tobacco company saying “our customers have stuck with us for decades, not because they are addicted to the harmful product, but because they looooove our product”


Except for you lose money or your sanity or both, instead of gaining money.


Ahhhh BD … I can just say its cancer!

I regret my decision of playing BD still now I am recovering and never recommend to play it unless u have free 24 hours for it!

Btw what are super mechs? and how it works? its like BD online browser game or u can play whenever u want?



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Supermechs in my definition, Build your mech gather weapons modules upgrading and lots of upgrading to become the best mech.

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Also It doesn’t seem like i’m going to be playing or trying out battledawn.
The following comments of this game is a little too much :grin:

Thanks all for the comments :joy:

Well, there are a lot of people and you can make a lot of friends but at the same time, quite a few people will play with you for a long time and then just leave your alliance and kill you when they know you are sleping. (Backstabbing cunts like Greenbay). And you can also make friendships for life. I’ve spent many nights staying up watching some peoples backs and had to get on while at work, during emergencies like war starting. There are very few people i trust, but the ones i do trust (gaurav, psi, leobratce, EnergY), i completely trust. They’ve had many chances to get rid of me but let me be even though im inferior as a player.

How are you an inferior player how long does that take?

And the girls in BD are just like any girls in games. Most of them are prolly dudes pretending to be girls. Being where they are by being girls. Getting into higher class alliances just by eother being or pretending to be a girl. Overemotional with loads of mood swings. Trying to be friends with everyone but will backstab you in a heartbeat. Pretty much every family alliance has a girl mascot. (Except for mine. We dont f w/ thots)