What is a good stage to farm on campaign completed campaign on easy and first 3 areas on insane

any later stages i should aim to complete are also welcome

RB (Dry Lands boss), Overlords Den Mission six (either normal for boxes or insane for gold/xp), and there’s some that farm the boss after RB with decent drops* but no where near as good. Depends on how good RNG is for you.

Don’t bother mission 6 Overlords Den on easy for boxes because campaign boxes are already terrible. Instead just do it for the gold and buy boxes with better drop rates…

ty i will try the stage

isn’t overloads den 7 better to farm?

Why do you think that?

I would explain but I am too lazy right now so I will correct what you will say instead

Isn’t 7 really ONLY good for more xp/gold than six? other than that, it’s drops probably aren’t much better.

it’s a no from me captain

ok cause ive been doing 7 the whole time but now i will do 6

51 AM
58 AM

Only difference in rewards is 600 more exp… but in opposing matter, Mission 7 has over 2x the amount of bots to fight so Mission 6 is less time consuming.

Good value on Mission 6

I farming at 1 lvl of RB (Dry Lands) :wink:
And getting only good drop.

got legendary from that mission today