What is a good side weapon to deal with ranges 2-4


that’s my mechs issue and i need your alls help to fix it :3


Nightfall. Durr


that’s a top weapon not a side weapon .p. :neutral_face:


That’s a side weapon, durr


nope nightfall is a top weapon


Are you sure about that?


i have had one before it said top weapon


You must be getting it mixed up with something else.

A nightfall is a longer annihilation, aka a gatling gun.


from what i remember nightfall starts from a epic


Yep. And it’s a side weapon that looks like a gatling gun.


i guess im thinking of one of the top launchers then


I forgot to mention that it was a physical weapon.


night eagle is the top weapon
nightfall is the side weapon

but abomination for heat works nice and last words for energy is great


i was thinking it was something like the grim cobra



that’s what i was thinking of


don’t mind me for using legacy parts.I’m trolling lol


night fall does take ammo doesn’t it


new weapons don’t need bullets or rockets


which is good cause my mech doesn’t carry ammo the weapons on it run on energy