What improved mythical? (explanation of restart) (Survey)

Hello, very good, Ladies and Gentlemen, on this occasion, you will choose what I improve to mythical. Everyone is welcome to vote [poll type=regular]

  • Super Cannon
  • Coling Mass Boosters
  • Heat Engine
  • Energy Mass Boosters
  • Energy Engine
  • Dron Murmur!!

Restart the survey because I was winning the DawnBlaze but when I saw that I was winning I was going to raise it to full level but it was forgotten that the avia eliminated so I closed the previous survey I feel sorry for those who voted for the DawnBlaze

Well again I forgot to accept about seeing the votes :confused:

@Well @Wepwawet not going to be something troll that I know them well and more ati @Well xD

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