What improved mythical? 2 part stronger and more op!

Hello, good to everyone!!! the last time of subject “That I improve?” the winner was the corrupt light but with my new ones I do not know what to improve but good that I improve now? I do not know!!! I leave you with your votes !!! Or in your hands? I do not know, but good, vote :smiley: [poll type=regular public=true]

  • Super Cannon
  • DawnBlaze
  • Cooling Mass boosters
  • Energy Mass Boosters
  • Heat Engine
  • Energy Engine
  • Drone Mamur
    [/poll]Really this is a roulette of luck and bad luck but good it is fun to improve things to mythical! I still do not get the Destroyer Of Gods = Magma Blast but that’s the way things are one day you want a legend and they give it to you but you do not expect the power kit :confused:

Will you eat it?..

I did not understand the reference this time :confused:

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