What I'm planning to work on

I am going to focus my topics, on a few things:

First Idea

Item Spotlights
My first idea, as you read, is item spotlights. I hope to show off some non-premium items that I hope will help others. It will also show off ideas that I hope others contribute to

All right people…

Idea 2

Kinda need ideas, but I think best mechs of the month?
People with PM me their best builds, and from that, I will decide what is the best mech of the month. Good Luck everyone!

here is the poll

  • Good ideas!
  • Bad idea

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poll are broken lol

lol I am first voter some how xD

Definitely good ideas! Can’t wait to see them.

Second idea was already done by @el_metre

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hmmm… doesn’t seem like people are very active doing it