What if there was a drone that's on the ground?


I was thinking about Star Wars then about C3PO then about R2D2 and thought "what if there was a drone that drove on the ground instead of hovering in the air…

(sorry if this has already been talked about)

Drones that go on the floor



I already make a new drone that is not in air :slight_smile:

Nobody will make it though :frowning:


Drone on the ground?
That would be a


Attach Drone or Tank.


Attach my spaggett…



could this be damaged like 2 mechs at once?


"What if there was a drone that’s on the ground?"
Then its not a drone
-Darkwarrior 2018


Lol. I was making a sprite for a drone then I just thought of that, look in here and I see that XD


This made my day xD 20 Characters rule…


I love the idea…