What if there are more weapons?

what if there are weapons that can only be myth that are in the game but we cant get them because the highest rarity item we can get is legendary? :thinking:

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Maybe legacy myths are still in-game but with 0% chance of being obtained?



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After all, Bunker Shell/Magma Shot (heat version of BS) are just Reloaded Death Punch
Same apply to Void/Clash/Snack, the new “Evil” serie…
StormWeaver=> Electric Axe
BackStabber=> Platinium Hammer
the can-be-fused-to-myth version of the Boomwitch (can’t remember…X.X)=> oldly the Noodles Blaster

I think we can find others exemples of “Reloaded” Mythicals items if we search…
2 lasts items to finish ^^
Mercy=> Piercing Shotgun Mk smth
Ultimate Savior=> Invulnerability Mk I and II

(I want to say that I also use a Metal Bender Mk I with my Reloaded mech and it works well, but I can’t say the same about my shredded Death Punch…maybe they disable legacy myths when they implement the Reloaded a-like version ?)

Sm reloaded items are 60% based of old items