What if raid was 100% fair?

okay… so this would be a very big change. 25 Tokens to enter raid. Prizes buff:

  1. 3 premium packs
    2.-5. 500T
    6.-10. 400T
    11.-50. 250T
    51.-200. 100T
    201.-500. 50T
    501.-1,500. 25T
    1,501-∞ 10T
    Every day is impossible to perfect like 5-6.
    Every day there is a new set.
    A set is 3 torsos, 3 legs, 8 side weapons, 4 top weapons, 2 drones, 1 charge, one hook, one teleport, 16 mods, (atleast 2 are plats every week)
    all items are items that go to myth and all are devine
    I guess it has to be Tacticsoft friendly so… 5$ to unlock raid???

Nothing? I was hoping for a couple good replies… :frowning:

It’s kinda idk idea.
Don’t know how to explain this.

It’s interesting with the fair items, but whoever found the god build first would instantly be locked in the top spot, making it noob unfriendly, and there’s no actual reward unless you’re top 500. This is a bit ludicrous because it just becomes who enters raid first, favoring certain time zones, probably extend 25 token reward down to at least 3000

well top 1500 get their money back and if ur under there then just dont do it again

There’s the problem, it becomes who does raid the fastest, not who does raid the best (wtf autocorrect)

I kind of get your point but I was thinking about saying it would only be 3 rounds. 2 days per 1 round so that everybody can do it… its not about who gets to it fastest because everybody gets time to do it multiple times

Yeah like the tryhard whose memorized the best weapon setup possible for all raids

but the weapons and stuff would be 100% random?!?!? *scratches head in confusion

Still a lot of items are obviously better than others.

Grab my money and choke on it, what the hell is that.


err thats not a buff

also, paying for less tokens? nah

Ah yes, pay2play, pay2win’s older brother!

answering title

people would play the game maybe