What I'd like to see Supermechs add Pt. 3

Its been a while, but I have a few more ideas. Read, consider, and enjoy!

ONE - Nanodamage!
So, right now physicals are all the rage. Literally. But aside from the whole deal with platinum plating, I have an idea that could make physicals more varied and interesting, and (hopefully) more balanced. To be fair, my little brother (who also plays) actually came up with this, but I’m posting it 'cuz he’s not on the forum. IMPORTANT This is not a physical buff, read to the end before you comment please. So, Nanodamage is a new damage type that some physical weapons could have. You would call it poison, except you can’t poison machines. Basically, every time you fire a nano-damage weapon, a certain amount of nano-damage is inflicted; at the end of every turn, that damage is deducted from your opponent. This damage would NOT be affected by resistance drain, or by anything equipped by your opponent, and would stack. The Terror Cry is a good candidate for this damage, I think; possibly the Mighty Cannon and Reckless Beam as well, and maybe a 3-6 range weapon (might as well be a beam). At the same time, the other physical weapons - in fact, all of them - would receive a damage nerf to keep the physical type from becoming hopelessly overpowered. My goal with this idea is to make for more variation among physical mechs; you could go for high nano-damage, or high damage/drain, or something in between.

TWO - Misc
Just some inclusions from stuff I see on the forum all the time: First, a chat menu that is visible at all times. Second (and third), if you haven’t seen my previous posts, you ought to check them - here’s one and two. Fourth, a new PVP system - based on level of all your equipped items, instead of your league rank - would definitely help a ton.

Well, that’s it for now. As always, please comment with ideas/suggestions! Thanks :smile:

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So basically a DoT?

Doesn’t the resistance drain on explosive weapons kinda do that? And for the explosive weapons like corrupt light or savagery that don’t have a resistance drain, the max heat damage does kinda act like a secondary damage attribute source.

And the same point would be made for energy mechs. Perhaps if either resistance drain or max energy/regen secondary damage was removed and replaced with some kind of “shock damage” DoT, then that would work.

I just don’t see where the DoTs would fit in.

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Eh, resistance drain does kinda work like that, although this idea is different in that it works no matter what - so shutdowns/energy breaks don’t stop it. And it could definitely replace that cap/regen damage on weapons like Backbreaker, Hurlbat and Dustmaker.

I like the idea of Nanodamage. I got a similar idea: acid damage. It would work same as Nanodamage.

The names would definitely work. Would that be for other types, or just a rename of my physical idea? If it was added to other types they’d need a damage nerf too I’d think :thinking:

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