What I'd like to see SuperMechs Add Pt. 2

Since my last post I’ve had some more ideas on what I think would be cool to see in Supermechs. So here goes!

ONE - Alterations!
So I think it could possibly be pretty cool if it was possible to upgrade/modify weapons, torsos, etc. This would be done by using a different item to upgrade one of your target item’s stats; that is, all torsos, legs, weapons and drones have one or more slots you can insert an item in to upgrade something specific about them. The alteration effects are chosen based on the type of item used, NOT the specific item itself - this makes things way simpler and easier to balance. I’ve compiled a list below; numbers (when given) are very up in the air as I’d have to do a lot of testing to find out what was balanced and what wasn’t. Also, the tier of the item used in alteration does not matter - the last thing we need is more uses for platinum plates, right?
–Note that the percent increases do not stack on each other.

1: Torso (any of the three types): Can only be used on other torsos. Provides a 5% or so boost too ALL stats.
2: Legs (any of the three types): Can only be used on other legs. Provides a 5% or so boost too ALL stats.
3: Any Module: Can only be used on torsos and legs. Provides a 10% boost to all stats that the module affects. For example, an iron plate would give 10% more hitpoints, a heat engine would give 10% heat and 10% cooling, a resistance module would give like 25% more resistance, etc.
(all weapons can only be used on damage-dealing items, obviously.)
4: Physical Side Weapon: Provides a 5 or 10% boost to maximum hitpoint damage. Note that gap between minimum and maximum damage remains the same (thus minimum damage gets a bigger upgrade than maximum).
5: Physical Top Weapon: Provides a 25% or so boost to resistance drain.
6: Heat/Energy Side Weapon: Increases heat/energy damage by 10%.
7: Heat/Energy Top Weapon: Decreases heat/energy cost by 25%.
8: Drone (heat/energy): Provides a 25% increase to heat/energy cap, cooling, energy regen damage (any that are applicable).
9: Drone (physical): Decreases weight by 5%.
10. Teleporter/Grappling Hook: Can only be used on torsos. Provides an extra one-use teleport/grapple hook (dunno about this one).

Obviously, if a weapon doesn’t do resistance drain in the first place, you wouldn’t be able to alter it with an item that increases resistance drain (etc. etc.). Every torso, legs, and weapon would have one slot; possibly a torso could have 2. I’m unsure if it would be a good idea to add an alteration slot at mythical level, but that could be a thing. Alterations would not add to the weight of an item.

I think these alteration options would add a whole new level of strategy and make the game even more interesting, if done correctly. Again, any numbers above are just an idea and could easily change as balance demands.

TWO - Multi-Mech Campaigns!
Everyone wants to restart campaign mode, if only for tokens. But what if we instead had the option to replay the campaign using two or three mechs at once? Should be fun right? Each mode would be unlocked by beating the previous mode on hard (or something like that). Pick-ups obtained would apply to ALL mechs in use (except repairs would not revive a dead mech). This would be very similar to single-mech campaign, except the enemies would be much more difficult to beat; having multiple types of mechs would come in handy. When you fight an enemy, you can choose the type of mech you want to use, and you can also switch out in battle (just like in pvp). Not sure how auto-play would work, but I’m sure someone could figure that one out. Naturally, the rewards would increase with difficulty; it’d be nice if fortune boxes could drop more often from bosses too, but we’d be lucky to see that happen. Overall though, I think this would make campaign way more interesting, not to mention challenging.

THREE - Miscellaneous
First, its really annoying how you can’t change an item’s color when its ready to be transformed. I’d like that changed. Second, I’d still love to see all the ideas I had in my first post added as well, I think they would mesh just fine with these. Third, comments and suggestions are - as always - welcome. Maybe the devs won’t read this, but maybe they will! Thanks! :heart:

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Make sure for using items to boost stats that the boost is very low for common and gets higher as you go, with mythical torsos giving you a 5% stat boost

or whatever.

That could be a thing, but I couldn’t think of a way to add that which wouldn’t make platinum plates, the L-M storage units and L-M protection modules even more necessary then they are already. Didn’t want to have that problem :confused:

Multi-mech campaigns would be awesome.
The miscellaneous are nice too.
However,the alterations would have a little too much of a devastating effect…I think it would imbalance the game a little…Especially when a lower rank fights against a higher rank…

Quite possibly, though I think it would be possible with a lot of work to make it work all right. But hey, its just an idea, if it doesn’t work thats fine :smile: