What I should do next

I have no idea what to do with my mech I have a Legendary terror cry, Max Redwall, Max Chromium legs, max legendary brutality, dual energy grim cobras, two legendary corrupt lights, a legendary grappling hook, and a legendary drone. I do not know what to do next. Also my name is EXTREMESUPERULTRAMYTHICAL

whatever you do, change terror cry…it’s trash…

k thx for the feedback

Definitely avoid using multiple damage types, stick to one if you want to win, here’s an example:


That’s too good to be true… all you need is more regen… which isn’t a problem for a anni, but is for something like the pink bunny build, with double valiants

Try to look for annihilation as a new melee weapon and throw away redwall since it only goes up to epic.

Annihilation starts from epic and goes to mythical, it also costs nothing to use!

You should also start working on some iron boots after you myth your torso, they might have less health than chromium crushers at common to legendary but unlike chromium they can go up to mythical which means they’ll end up having more hp in the end.

I reccomend phys since it’s the most free to play friendly mech type and you also haven’t mythed any of your weapons yet which means they can be used as myth fodder.


You shoud also increase your regeneration and cooling

so… are you a heat mech, pys mech or a enegy mech im a heat mech

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