What have i done?



I love your reconnecting issue mate. It’s top notch!

but holy shit that build…I like

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that will be my future mech…

Just gotta make a lot of tweaks

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you are just reconnecting chill that mech is so scary

im talking about the mech not the wifi lmfao

oh yah that mech could 1 shot drain me

this is a next level energy hunter

There are almost no energy left with Gorgon’s and E’s builds on arena

i guess thats why anialation was made i dont know how to spell it

Hmm mate you sure about that? Itll be good only vs elecs. If you remove an energy engine for a heat one youll also be good vs heat… toughts?

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Note i said energy hunter.

dont take it out of contest , i cant beat gorgon lol

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Claw double-color pfff… img fake

Its not fake…

its a bug.

add an item on the mech when you have a colored leg , this will happen lmao

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There are a few energies around . O-0 se77en a d domo. You going after one of them ?

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Other bug for the list… jejeje

Ho brotha , ill hunt your ass down :wink:

kidding i dont hunt reign ref members


Find me whenever you want . I’m around :slight_smile: we can test it. I dig it but hi energy heaters will be an issue

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What happened to your Heat mech plan?still doing it?

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I also haz energy hunter :grin:

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That’s a nice looking mech :+1:t2: