What have I done? (Legacy Converter)

I clicked on the item converter… and flushed down all my mythicals??? Wut.

I was expecting a new window to allow me to pick what items I will convert. Instead, all my myths went down the toilet. And No flushing sound.

Seriously, I did not want to convert ALL of them. So, except for the items I have equipped, all my mythicals disappeared.

Please include a confirmation message… something that goes along the line of - “Are you sure you want to convert all your ____ items to ____ power.”

I did not even know what I was doing. O_O

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No flushing sound? This is not acceptable.

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I know… :sob:

this is not the solution I was expecting.

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Rip old myth items :sob:

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Yup. Down they all went… down the proverbial Toilet.

I wanted to save all my ELECTROCOPS… :expressionless:

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I made same mistake :frowning:



See? These are important decisions that could have been saved with a “Confirmation” message…

most of us don’t know what we are doing with the new updates. What the dev’s think might work may not necessarily be how we players understand it to be…

As I said… I was expecting to be able to choose items to flush… Instead… everything got flushed! And I missed the flushing sound. :frowning2:

HHHHMMMMMMM friend egging me on to jump in the pool, it’s night time.
Friend says the water is nice go ahead jump in, it’s only a 30 foot drop. It’ll be okay. Oh come on it’s all good.

If you or anyone actually jump without checking to see how much water was in there you deserve what you get.

You TRUST NO ONE, EVER and in the case of clicky clicky the converter you wait to see what happens to others first or suffer the fate of impatience (aka trusting those that want you to lose more money over waiting several more days)

Curiosity killed the cat…

Same thing happened to me…

They did this conscientiously, so that we might.

It happens that … if you don´t manage to fuse all your Myths before the deadline, the system will make u unable to acquire more items, well … you will not buy more boxes.

Now you have some beautiful kits that you need to invest more money or kill yourself by campaigning to use them.

Same here,all of my myths…gone XD *GOOONE