What has happened?


I used to play this game back in the day, and started playing it again recently. I had very fond memories of it and really enjoyed it. I came back to losing most of my old items, a broken progression and matchmaking system, too many ads and grinding.
What happened?
Where did super mechs glory days go?
It’s like that post I saw, at what point is super mechs not fun anymore?
The devs dont seem to care anymore either.
Now excuse me, im going back to grinding, to see if I can find even a sliver of the glory this game used to have.
(I don’t suppose I’d get banned for this, but just in case, Remember “Pilots”- were the ones piloting this mech of a game, and maybe we can restore it- I’m just not sure how yet)


Glory days went down, buddy… The greedy days took over… If you don’t want your account, I boost It myself.
Anyway, welcome back.


It’s dying,alright mate?


On first glance, I read ‘glory holes’
OMG! That’d be horrible!