What happens to us after this latest update

Welcome to you
I have a suggestion . After this latest update to the game

I see that many and I have lost a lot of very important Myth pieces
And we were forced to start again as if we were new players. After spending two, three years and maybe more
Even after buying offers of Boxes and Token. Also we could not return some of the pieces like we had before

So I see it. And maybe I’m wrong. But I think it’s fair.
To Change all the important Myth pieces for all players. In its equivalent and similar Epic / Legendary parts of the latest update

Because As one of the old Players , I did not find the necessary motivation to keep playing after I lost almost everything

If you are interested in this. Please support this discussion with a positive response
Officials may respond to this idea

Thank you
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I believe that what SM’s staff should do is restore the server to the state it was 72 hours ago. And then start thinking about an update that will serve everyone.

And above all, listen to users first. Because for a company to work well, you must first do a marketing study, a survey of the opinions of users, before going on a crazy adventure that is not leading anywhere.


And what an adventure !! . I agree with you, my friend Wepwawet


even if they reincorporate our mythical into the game. most of use have already used our old stuff to boost new items because they were worthless.

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i agree, i honestly dont care if i loose money with the reset. the old version was much better. i mean seriously, just about every well known top rank player is against this new update.


I agree with you, my friend duelosk
But I think there are backups before this update that includes all the players’ history. This includes all the Myth pieces for each player

If they can restore one backup before this update. and replacing all old Myth pieces with the new Legendary or epic ones it will be a good solution for all

And you know … I also lost money in this update and I did not get anything as useful as it used to be …

Thank you For your Comment duelosk


I really like the new changes but !!! I have also invested a ton of time and money into the game.
The major issue I am having is I can not even upgrade the items I have with the amount of gold I have.

I will not have time to earn the gold in the next 30 days.

SO what then ???

It is a simple issue of math.

I do not have the gold to take all my old items and use them to upgrade new items.

I do not have the time to get the new items that would be worth up-grading.

I have played this fame for over 3 years , maybe way longer and I have a ton of items.

For me it is not really even a option of want too. Because I would love to work up a new mech.

It is a mater of time. I do not have the time so my only option will be to spend money for tokens and gold.

That is not right . I can not speak for everyone but I can speak for a group of people who have spent hundreds of dollars to support this game . You have given us no option but to spend more money . Do the math . No one who has over 1000 items has the gold to upgrade the items they have and get new items without spending money.

Now this is just bad business , At the least you need to let people upgrade items for free with the existing items they have.

It would be nice to be able to trade in a myth for a role at a new item.


This is another problem. You explained it well, my friend.
I totally agree with you and I already have more than a thousand pieces. Most of them are gold and also have this problem

I hope they take these comments seriously
Thank you for your comment, friend DTrump

I feel like a group of armed 10 year old kids are threatening Tacticsoft to make the weapons strong this way or else they will burn down the office.


I already threatened them with my Genji Main Dragon Blade and deflect all their shots if they don’t listen to us…

Wrong . But a group of players who play this game daily for years. They see that something is wrong and they are discussing it. And management has every right to take these opinions or not.
And trust me, my friend
Nothing will be burned

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What I mean twas the kids are telling Tacticsoft to make this crappy update so they can screw the game up…

I’m sorry if I did not understand you well in your first comment, my friend.

I don’t get what you said Arc…
Please tell it in not a “21 year old girl that does YouTube and plays Supermechs” way…

Well it’s like everything is overpowered and seems like the damage was suggested by 10 year olds (which means they dont know anything about balancing the game)


I think that is entirely possible