What happened to the "fix" we were promised a week ago?

So Tactisoft promised that by the end of next week we would get a fix. Instead they changed the final campaign mission to no longer drop an epic and instead drop commons! I love the fix! Man the devs are such great people.


Isnt that cool ? the game is much more awesome now !

Obious sarcasm intended

We are probably lost in translation… i see… they meant ‘fiasco’ not ‘fix’ … amazing work TS! just amazing!

there was never a fix…

Anyone want to start a count from the time TS said they “would have a fix within a week” and the actual time amount?

tacticsoft is saying :

  • we need money - real money

  • invest YOUR money you worked hard for

  • buy tokens as much as possible

tacticsoft give you for that :

  • a change from epics to non-epics at campaign

  • a change from 2 cards in premium boxes to 1 card
    (to be fair - half prize)

  • destroying ALL your progress from YEARS (all your time and money you invested is nothing worth anymore)

  • a NOT declared very LOW % chance of a legendary in a premium box with 1 card

^^ feel free to add a lot of points to that list, I am tiered to think about all, what tacticsoft DO AGAINST us players !



Nice abstraction of problems Bestie…

  • elaborate and intentional fraud with OP ‘ultra cooling module’ just two months prior massive game change
  • power drain - newly fused items are worth nothing if used to fuse new
  • layers and layers of outrageous costs in gold and item power and items for fusings
  • old 537 000 fully fused legacy items which took years to come by - are worth nothing !
  • previously 220 T was warranty for 1 mythical often useless and duplicate…BUT 1 !!! - from personal experience and comments from others… you are burning 10x that much to get 1 legendary - factor of discouraging kicks in - and you won’t do that ever again! That is a cost of one whole new game ! I am pissed off, frustrated and mad… - like everyone else

Make it drop 1 common from the bigboy and we will be satysfied.

obvious sarcasm

Also @Sarah247 Make the drops on bigboy 2 epic and possibly 1 legendary , just come on how else are f2p players going to recieve their weapons? not all commons / rares can be tranformed to mythical damit…