What happened to my mech?


see my super sword


No big deal, who hasn’t had their leg or arm float off before? That happens so often nowadays. Sometimes my arm would enlarge for no reason and then proceed to float off into the heavens.

No biggie mang



why every campaign my mech’s leg will broke…

I worry more about your Gold and your tokens :exclamation:



@bestplayerintheworld I just use gold to upgrade items, and this is not my main acc, my second acc http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/my-another-account/8148/6

I wish i had a super sword like u have. I could prolly one-hit bigboy with it

Does it do a lot more damage?

Was this against some boss? Because if it was… I thought you can only finish the boss after you defeated the minions.

Not anymore, you could beat the boss first now, has been this way for like a month or so. Or maybe slightly more than that.

You still have to beat all mechs and collect all the boxes to finish the mission though.

Thats a shame.stupid 20 bad characters

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:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: LMAO

This happened in normal mission too.

That kick must have really hurt.

it never happens to me

@Ricemech88 LOL

Sometimes my foot disappears but not warped like yours.
Or I click on something and it just rubber bands

It’s doing the string!
Not even I can do that,nonetheless my mech!