What happened to Mr "GoodSir"?


He completely failed his mission.
HTK top not his never existing clan that “will rule SM forever”.
congrats to him.


He is Dwightx, he just changed account.


Mmmmhhhhh … good thread …

What happened to …

  • Ogonnak (Ogonna, the “k” is for my special friend)

  • Time up / 46+2 (Mylarks)

  • roccotano4 (Matteo)

  • 907 NWA

  • littlelost (now I know why he was littlelost, lost magically his player level to little level)

  • Apoc

  • Rambo

  • Boshold

  • Powtailto

  • CocodiJoco

  • Titan

  • gronico

  • crash

  • “Aegis”

I lost so many friends :exclamation:


Feel free to tell “your” story about what happened to them :grey_exclamation:

My Story is …

… they just had a bad leader :exclamation:

A reason to say a huge thank you to …

… who are/were the best leaders of this game :exclamation:



Shouldnt that be Aegis and “friends” instead of “Aegis” and friends?


No … if you would think 1 step further … you would get it … I am pretty sure you can do it :grey_exclamation:

Always a pleasure to help you :exclamation:



Could you explain me, please? Or im gonna think you don’t know how to use the " ".

Because the “your” here makes no sense either:

But maybe im using it wrong so please explain. That would be a big help. Maybe its a HTK inside joke.


Yes you are wrong.



Im glad you can laugh at your own “jokes”


I am glad your try failed (once more) :grey_exclamation:



Yeah I was trying to get an answer from you for my question but you just started to talk nonsense as usual.


Your question …

My answer …

I worry about you :exclamation:



Ogonnak --> Quit
Time up --> Deleted its account by accident
roccotano4 --> He is maybe cleaning now toilets
907 NWA --> He is studying economy or accountant
littlelost --> dunno
Apoc --> quit
Rambo --> he got another daughter (i heard)
Boshold --> dunno
Powtailto --> Casual Player
CocodiJoco --> :’(
Titan --> Playing other shitto games like the forest…
gronico --> lost interest of supermechs and he is busy with school
crash --> dunno
Aegis --> he quit on right moment


My question was:

your answer:


What about dewah77? Is he thelegend27?


Hey what about me? I am the best leader there for sure. :slight_smile:


I dont know.
What happened to -The Lx2-?


Best leader of htk was Fluxeon first then Bago


c mamo el c bastian este :v


What happened to Voltaire? claimed by “SM Reloaded” oof


What happened to the zoo? Oops… a break in… seems like they kidnapped some animals… the monkey exhibit is now empty. I wonder where they are now…?