What happened to Fluffeh?


Kinda wondering what happened to everybody’s favorite mod, Fluffeh.
No posts for months…




You used to be my favorite Elcent…until you betrayed me…


In all seriousness tho what happened to flufeh? I have been wondering…


In Elcent’s basement


@Elcent…how could you…


Fluffeh is smarter than you lot. Instead of rotting away in a trashy game hes focussing on his studies


What if im doing both?


I believe he still is a mod and recently brought down the ban hammer a couple months back on that guy who kept posting deranged monologues on the mathematical impracticality of homosexuality.

in terms of gaming he said he was much less into gaming in general when I spoke to him a few months back. he was actually excited to do more sm at the start of reloaded but then lost interest when they nerfed bigboy and removed the guaranteed epic and chance for legendary drop.

I’ve called him drunk a couple times since then, he’s doing well in general.

also, Elcent BTFO Fluffeh is litterally everything and can never be surpassed.


The difference is hes most likely doing a lot better in his studies and he actually cares about his future :slight_smile:


What if I have all A’s and I care about the future?


you wont be on the forums and playing BD and SM



I think


Deal with it. :sunglasses:


Oh hello.