What happen when clan leader quit?

Hello everyone.
Not a bug, just an issue as per title. I’m in a top 10 clan (…::::DESTINY::::… | 13th atm after league reset) and clan leader just quitted.
What will happen to the clan now?

In most cases when that happen, the ghost clan bug (present for more than 1 year (!!!) ) will take over, causing the clan to be leaderless until every member leaves, where the clan will automatically disband.

Occasionally, it will automatically transfer leadership to another member.

That’s bad. Whan I go on league and try to check the clan, it shows nothing but an empty blue window where I can see the old leader’s name. Then I’m able to click anywhere nor to go back, and I have to refresh the game. I guess this can be the ghost clan bug? :sweat:

It’s just the TS ghost yelling at you and stomping its sheets GET THE F*** OUT of my house :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hope TS can fix that :confounded:

Pick one. Since it sure as hell ain’t possible to have both