What good is this?

Dropped from a level 53 box , got a platinum plate at level 47 box


lvl 250 , for a very, very, very long time.
this he has never given me!

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Makes for a mean energy bully but other than that it’s pretty useless.


Wtf are your drops rigged to be good? I haven’t gotten a single legendary from leveling up and you got 2 premiums in a row! (Lvl 165 here).

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Also this torso isn’t that bad for a beginner. I mostly like it for its beautiful colour though.

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Useful for en counters, mainly in raid and titan. Otherwise it’s a trophy. I wouldn’t recommend upgrading it. Use a zarkares if you have nothing better.

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I have a mythical brutality

imo, the brut is much better on a rounder, id say just use that

koita re oi keratades, ti pernoyn sto 50 kai sto 60 epipedo…
kai egw 250 edw kai mhnes !!!
kai exw parei mono ta arxidia moyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

mpoyrdelo paixnidi

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Kai gw tarhidia mou pernw se kathe MIX kouti ton level up.

mpoyrdelo soy lewwwwwwwww