What going on im lost?

what the hell i come back from a 2-3 week absance and the game has changed i don’t know what to do im fumbleing around trying wotk out how do I do this ? hoe dose that work ? what dose this do ? why can’y do this or that ?

if you upgrade why is there not more instruction or guides to you see how thins work or stuff im lost at the moment I don’t even know how to change the the paint of my mech still trying ???

more help a guide enythink ???//

New items added. Old ones can’t be boosted anymore (so anything before update is kinda useless). The new items can be transformed/evolved once fully fused. Some go from common up to myth, others are legendary to mythic only items. Other items to watch out for are valiant sniper and a new heat death punch (basically old death punch but more damage). The new legendary torsos give around 500 hp and 15 multi resist at no upgrades. The mythic ones give around 1000 hp with 20 multi resistance. That’s positive resist, btw. The new legendary weapons do around 200 damage with the mythic ones ranging from 200-700 damage. Also fusing stuff costs money now. We are expected to receive some sort of solution for players that have hundreds or thousands of items. Just make a new account, do the tutorial, that should help you. I retired, i just stick around on the forums now.

You are a bright shiny needle thrown into a hay stack, now try to figure a way back to the needle pile. Stick as many people as you can on your way back too. :smiling_imp:

hi thanks for your help I hope that do videos on youtube that explains changes in the future as this would help its took me a lone time to build up my mechs so I like to enjoy the game still but I get lost sometimes thanks for all your helo :slight_smile: