What "Drop Nerf?"

You know, I always thought the fortune boxes and legendaries were BS, as in 1/1,000 chance. I kinda thought it favored players, but I haven’t spent a buck on this game, and I got this:

Second fortune box I ever got

Seems like the “drop nerf” hasn’t affected me one bit


Well, it has been affecting me for several days. Without going any further, today I opened 3 Fortune Boxes. I Got only common and rare. My reward box yesterday had 3 epics, not even a legendary one to brighten the eye.

Yeah i stop nerf for you so you wont think to quit sm.


My first ever fortune box had a legendary. Nothing since then.

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You are talking nonsense - 1 legendary won’t do anything for you because you will spend eternity to upgrade it. Make that times 5… - then write back. Good luck

He just like to say nothing changed, dunno why he insist on this topic.

You are talking nonsense as well. A reply that looks like it was typed by a infant won’t do, since I’ll spend an eternity trying to figure out what it means. Practice English some more… - then write back. Good luck :wink: :+1:

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Lol by the time someone figures out what the GeNal infant typed, he’s gonna be all grown up

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OK, first of all, I don’t check the grammar when I am upset with some bold statement like yours. Doing things more absurd, will have a better echo - and community opinion is what matters. Just check how many comments regarding ‘drop nerfs’ have been written recently.
You felt the urge to brag about one of you legendary drops - I can understand that. Take your time and do that five more times. We will wait.
In the meantime, what is your ingame nick? You have some history, medals… out of curiosity, to put you in some context.

What was in that legendary? A torso or legs? Because even the purple drops are pretty common things. Like… Torsos, legs, malice beams, that sort of thing.

A purifier. A trash physical, just does damage, no other effects. Only starts at legendary.

Was hoping for a legendary energy sword, or something like that

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